Morning Schedule

Get your morning started with our Inspirational hour, every weekday morning at 7am if you tune in you will hear a rich word that I promise will bless your soul. What a better way to get your spirit lifted and charged, as you join other listeners on praise on praise radio.

Mid-day schedule

Our mid-day schedule provide you with a variety gospel music and gospel artist, from the early 60's 70's to your present gospel music with no Interruption and no commercials. So you can listen all day and be blessed with great gospel music.

Evening Schedule

After a long hectic and busy day, what other way to relax your mind and spirit? There's nothing like ending your night with some nice relaxing gospel instrumentals, starting at 9:30pm every weeknight tune in and relax to some of your best spiritual instruments.

Real Recognize Real

Real Recognize Real is a live talk show hosted by: Elder Frank every Wednesday evening from 8pm to 10pm, where every week there will be a different topic that you our listeners can relate too. You have the chance to call in and comment or give your opinion, our goal is to back it up with God's word, and our topic will be posted in the blog section of the webpage, so if you don't feel like calling in, you can leave your comment on the blog and it will be read. So don't miss Real Recognize Real.

Praise on Praise Radio

If your church or ministry is looking to broadcast over the internet around the world to millions of people, then this is the place to do it. Call 267-726-1334 and speak with someone about expanding your ministry.

Next Steps...

If you have any ideals or suggestions for praise on praise radio, please go to the contact us section and you can leave your ideals or suggestion there and we will take them into consideration, and thank you so much for your support.